This very moment

Feature Film, 2002, 102 min
Director Christof Hochhäusler,
Production Fieber Film GmbH
DOP A. Götzkaya
Costume Design B. Kilian
Set Dec & Props A. Glufke, S. Weimper
Cast Judith Engel, Sophie Charlotte, Leonard Bruckmann, Horst-Günter Marx, Miroslaw Baka

Synopsis This is the story of Sylvia, who looses her stepchildren on a shopping trip in Poland. For fear of loosing her husband's love, too, she is unable to tell him what has happened and returns home, pretending anything is fine. When realising the missing of his children, the father starts a desperate retrieval. He is ready to give up anything in order to find them. Sylvia supports him in any way; she tries to comfort him and takes care of his hope's vulnerable flame. For the first time he really needs her. While the children are trying their best to get home, the police fails in detecting their whereabouts. When a very vague trace leads to Poland, the parents hit the road to find their children on their own.

Berlinale 2003, Forum


© Fotos Maximilian Lange; all drawings by Maximilian Lange


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